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about me

I’m Gwen and I have four wonderful (most of the time) children.  In fact, on the many forms that I have to fill out on behalf of my kids (think school, doctors, etc), I now list my occupation as “mom to four”.  But I’m also a wife to Rich, who is a wonderful husband and father.   I probably don’t give him enough credit for everything he does to keep this house and family running smoothly.

About my kids:  Andrew is my oldest, born in Oct 2001.   Jordan is next, she was born July 2003.  Natalie (my little spitfire!) was born January 2006.  Jack is the youngest, born July 2008.   They keep me busy and bursting with love.

In addition to being a mom, I’m a meal planner and preparer; a sweeper of floors and washer of dishes; a former cloth diaperer and master of the laundry; I’m a chauffeur and activity planner; an active member of a great group of moms who try to socialize on a regular basis;  and a total addict to Facebook.   I’m much more than that, but I can’t spend all day typing. 🙂

Since I started this blog, I’ve launched a photography business, feel free to visit my business site

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