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Week 45 – signs of November

November 18, 2012

focus52BlogSigns of November … an unusual prompt to some degree.  I mean, for me it’s hard to really see November until much later in the month.   And having a November birthday, I like to think of November being MY month.   But I wasn’t ready to feel that the first week of this month (especially since this are the last weeks of my 30s … I enter a whole new decade at the end of the month).

But an overnight freeze helped me out with an obvious sign of November, and that’s the end of October.   The jack-o-lanterns from Halloween are collapsing due to the cold and to the passing of time beyond Halloween.



The leaves on the ground are multicolored … I feel like this photograph does not do the colors justice.   The way the morning sun was striking the leaves, which had originated mostly from our crepe myrtle trees, was just beautiful.   And I love the contrast between the grass, which is still vibrant from all of the rain from Sandy, and the mulch which has been baked in the sun all summer, with the leaves in the crevice in between.

45 - november


And November brings the last of the trees in our backyard to a fire-red display.    You can see the bare branches to the left, and the branches to the right have lost more leaves than the tree in the middle.    These are my favorite trees to look at in the fall, I just love the reds.  It’s been a week since I took this photo and that tree is now bare, all of the leaves are on the ground, no longer a pretty red, but more of a reddish brown and waiting for the rake to pile them up for kids to jump and play …
45 - november 4


And that is how November started out where I live…

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