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Week 44 – spooky

November 18, 2012

focus52BlogWeek 44 coincided with a few other things – Halloween, hurricane Sandy, and the crash of my hard drive.  I’ve been trying to recover from the third ever since.    I’m thankful that I paid for an online backup service.  But you can’t just download a terrabyte of photos and files from the internet.   I’ve spent hours trying to recover the data, and finally decided that my time was more important than money, and have paid to have my backup provider send me a drive with my files.   It’s on the way, can’t wait to have it!

Meanwhile, I was able to recover my current working files via both download and connecting the bad drive temporarily (it is in the freezer, and only works for a short period of time, limiting how much I can pull from it).   I am slowly working towards catching up on both photo edits and blog posts.

With that being said, here’s my Focus 52 photos from that week, along the spooky theme. 🙂

Sandy blew through our area on Tuesday October 30th.    She managed to blow down my metal skeletons in the front yard (my 6 year old thought spider webs would be a good idea on the skeletons this year).    This poor guy was seriously leaning the morning after Sandy.    I righted him to his normal “standing” position after I photographed him.
44 - spooky 3

The spider managed to stay put in the tree through the strong winds and rain.   Meanwhile, the fake web didn’t fare as well.   It caught some leaves, and was also pushed back closer to the tree.    It was kind of a mess, actually.
44 - spooky 2

And this spooky site belongs to one of the neighbors in the pipestem by our house.   My younger kids refuse to trick-or-treat there because they’re always scared of the place.   I ran back over there once I was done walking the kids around, as I wanted to capture it while the lights were still on.   I love the skeleton in the tree, and the scary bat thing hanging from the light post.  But what I love most of all is the light coming from the jack-0-lantern, such a wonderful accident in this photo captured at night (no flash, and I stood very still so that I could get a slower shutter speed to try to get it all).

44 - spooky

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