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Week 41 – autumn color

October 14, 2012
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focus52BlogI was excited to pursue autumn color this past week.   And I did take a lot of photos, but not so many of the kinds I was hoping to take.   I was going to Central Park in New York City for the first time ever, and I thought for sure I’d find plenty of autumn color there.   After all, they are 5 hours north of us, and our leaves are already starting to turn.    But I found that was not the case.   The autumn colors I had been hoping for just weren’t ready to be on display.

We were in NY for a wedding, and the reception was at the Boathouse in Central Park.   We walked through the park from the church, and I was armed with my camera in one hand, and my shoes in another (heels + my feet are not a good combination!).   There was a lot of beauty in the park but the sun was setting and I was feeling sad about the lack of beautiful color.   And my feet were COLD!

But then we arrived at our destination, and I saw a little maple tree growing out of a big rock right next to the building.    And it had all of the colors I had been looking for!

41 - autumn color 2



Don’t be fooled by the bright light in the background, it really was twilight, and the sun was just at the horizon.   I had to bump my ISO to 1000 to get this photo.  Do you see all of the green behind the rock and little tree?   That’s what the whole park was like!   Lots of green (with some yellow, but not enough to count).

41 - autumn color


But I’m happy with this little tree, growing out of a big rock.   It definitely has a place in the scheme of things, a prelude to the autumn colors to come for the rest of the park in the next few weeks …

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