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#22 – craft desk using an old door {52 Projects}

October 11, 2012

52 projects

I want to start this post by telling you that I really love my craft desk!  The size is great, and I’ve gotten so much use out of it already.  I highly recommend using a door for maximum crafting space.

I picked up an old door for free from craigslist.   The paint that was on the door was uneven, probably from the roller that applied it many years ago.  And since it was old, I had no idea if it had a lead based paint on it.   I wanted to minimize any sanding as a result.

I knew I’d use the doorknob hole for the cords anything that needs to be plugged in. I had to cut the edge that had the hinges, as I didn’t like the indentations. It’s not a solid core door, but since it’s an older door, it seems more rugged/sturdy than the hollow core doors that are available for sale today.   This photo doesn’t really show you all that was cosmetically wrong with the door.   There were old tape marks, scratches, dirt, and the paint texture.

First step was removing the paint.   I wanted to use a non-toxic paint stripper. I decided to try Motsenbocker’s Lift Off Paint & Varnish Remover. Well, it does remove paint. But it’s not as efficient as I needed it to be, and it was just a big sticky mess when I scraped it off. Here’s about a quarter of the door after removing the paint with Motsenbocker’s remover.

So then I tried one of the heavy duty strippers, Klean-Strip. Very strong! But amazing stuff, took the paint right off. Here’s the other end of the door where I used Klean-Strip.

I set up the door outside in the yard so that the chemicals were out of the garage. It was a nice day for stripping paint. 🙂

Once the paint was off the door, I took my little power sander and smoothed everything down (while wearing a dust mask).  I found that it wasn’t necessary to strip/sand down to the bare wood, I just needed a smooth surface to paint.  (Besides, I had already invested about 10 hours in the door at this point and my husband was wondering why I didn’t just buy a new door instead of going through all of the trouble).

Now I’m all set up to paint. I purchased a paint sprayer for the job. My intention was to have it so I can use it for all sorts of future painting, but the door was its inaugural job.   I didn’t want paint all over the garage, and the plastic did a pretty good job of keeping the paint contained.

I’m sure I have more photos somewhere of the steps following the painting, but maybe not.  Because after I painted, then I applied Polycrylic.  And since that’s clear, it’s not so easy to photograph.   But I put three coats of Polycrylic, sanding with 220 sandpaper in between.    It’s quite lovely.   I made sure I waited about a week before I put anything on the desk so that it had time to cure.   I learned that lesson the hard way with the end table I refinished earlier this year.

Here’s the desk in the craft room.   Ignore the plastic bins in front, I was still unpacking when I took this photo.

So much more has been done to this room, and even seeing the desk photo above makes me feel like that was forever ago.  The desk hasn’t moved, but the wall behind it doesn’t look the same today.   And that, my friends, is something you’ll see in a future post.

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