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#21 – quarter round & new lights {52 Projects}

October 10, 2012

52 projects

I took a break from working on my desk to get back to working on the actual craft room.   Can’t put the desk in a room that’s not ready for furniture yet!

Since I removed the carpet there was a gap between the concrete floor and the baseboards.   I wasn’t about to replace the baseboards so the only solution was to add quarter round trim to the room.

Installing quarter round trim was probably the MOST challenging task in my craft room renovation.   I still can’t get over how hard it was.  You see, I have a degree in physics – I had to do a lot of math to get that degree.   (Don’t ask me to recall anything specific that I learned, haven’t used any of it since I graduated 17 years ago).   But I had a heck of a time mitering the trim for the corners.   And my craft room has a LOT of corners!   Inside corners, outside corners.   Ten corners plus six “end caps”  (returns) due to doorways.

But first I had to paint them.  That was most definitely the easy part.  🙂

Check out the dustpan filled with pieces.  Those are my mistakes.    I struggled with the angles for the corners.   Doesn’t help that I have a cheap plastic miter box.   I cut a LOT of plastic while cutting my angles.

Cutting the returns was just as hard, but for some reason felt more rewarding.    Sharing a reference with you in case you ever need to know how to do this.  One resource –   cutting quarter round returns –  was very helpful for me in getting this done the right way.

I’m very happy with the return below.   Obviously, this is before caulk and the final coat of paint.

Since the floor is concrete, I couldn’t nail down the quarter round.   I relied on Liquid Nails to do the job for me.   But I also had to keep weight on the wood.   Each piece seemed to have a bit of warp to it, which made some areas need more weight than others.   My trusty 12 lb Sizzix is holding down a small piece below.  The piece behind it isn’t glued down yet, and you can see the slight bow in the wood away from the wall.

I also used our free weights to hold down the trim.   I made sure to put a protective layer between the weight and the wood, as so not to leave a mark.   Gluing the trim made the job take even longer because I had to wait a good 12 hours to make sure the bond was strong before taking off the weights.

Once the trim was caulked and painted, it looked really great!   And my sense of pride from a job well done felt really good.

This is the return that I showed you above.  Gotta love caulk & paint!   Couldn’t do anything with the gap between the floor and the door frame molding, since that molding isn’t flat like the baseboards are.

During the same time of the quarter round, I replaced the ceiling light in the room.  I actually did it twice, as I didn’t love the first lights I bought.  I don’t seem to have a before photo of the light, but it was a basic 2 light fixture covered by a glass square.

The first fixture I installed was a three light track.   But I didn’t feel that it was stable (the base was very wobbly) and three lights just wasn’t enough.   It is a pretty little fixture though, isn’t it?

I returned that fixture, and bought this nice four light track.

Lots of light here, and I can point each individual light where I want it to go.  I’m very pleased with this lighting.   In case you want the same thing, here’s the link to it –  Hampton Bay 4-Light Brushed Steel Wave Bar Track Lighting Fixture with Cylinder Glass Shades

So I’m another week closer to moving my stuff back into the craft room.   I think I should do a post of what the contents of the room look like while not in the room.  🙂


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