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Week 39 – ombre & birdhouses

September 30, 2012

focus52BlogIt was a pick your own topic this week.  And I photographed two different things to capture.    I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but then when I took my youngest to the park on Thursday, it was decided for me.

As my son ran down to one of the sections of the park, I walked more slowly, and I saw lots of acorns. I got excited, because I have a decorating idea that I needed acorns for.   But as I kept looking (and collecting), I discovered something really neat about the acorns from one particular tree – a lot of them were ombre colored.     Is that the right word?   They had stripes of different colors that bled into each other, and were just so pretty.  I’m not sure the camera does them justice.

I love the gradual shift of browns in this one. And the fact that his little “hat” contains a minuature acorn “accent”.

39 - ombre
Is this one chilling next to “his” hat? Or does that hat belong to another fallen acorn?

39 - ombre 4

The graduated colors are so deep, not only in the acorns, but the mulch and leaves surrounding the pair.

39 - ombre 3


Now, I will share that I didn’t intend to focus on ombre and acorns for last week. I really wanted to photograph the “birdhouse tree” that we always pass on the way to our favorite park. But there’s never a good time to do it, as it involves a walk from the parking lot, and there used to be a “no trespassing” sign nearby. I didn’t go into the property, I stayed on the road. But since Jack and I had the park to ourselves, it also meant that the road wasn’t busy at all, and I didn’t have to worry about keeping one eye on Jack constantly. He thought the birdhouses were really cool, and kept pointing out different things he saw in this eclectic yard.

39 - birdhouses 2


This angle was much harder to get, due to the bright sun and sky behind it. But I’m glad I did get a decent shot. Can you see the little blue metal chair hanging on the left side of the tree? I wonder if birds ever sit there.

39 - birdhouses


And they have birdhouses hanging from the branches of a nearby thriving tree

39 - birdhouses 3


Because I couldn’t decide between the pretty acorns and eclectic birdhouses, you get to see both.  🙂

This week’s focus is on silhouettes  one of my favorite things to play with in photography.   I’ll have to come up with something different for me, something I haven’t done a silhouette of before.   Stay tuned!   And I hope to blog it earlier than Sunday/Monday.  🙂

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  1. October 7, 2012 2:12 pm

    What a great tree! So interesting. I’d love to meet the owner 🙂

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