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Week 33 – blue

August 19, 2012

focus52BlogI wasn’t sure what I was going to photograph that was blue.  I mean, there’s the sky, and I LOVE photographing the sky.  But I’ve taken soooooooooooo many photos of the sky this summer alone that I didn’t really want to go there.

So I thought maybe I’d photograph some of the crafts I’m working on, as I always seem to include some shade of blue.

But then my daughter reminded me of my promise to dye the tips of her hair before school starts.  And her sister jumped in on that deal, since I had also promised her for some color.  Wanna guess what color it was?     LOL

It took a lot better on Natalie’s hair than Jordan’s, and definitely was a blue on the first day.  It’s officially turquoise, and 4 days later has lightened considerably.  But this is within 2 hours of the dyeing.
33 - blue

I took these near sunset, so I had quite the challenge of getting the color right. I think this looks more greenish than it should, but am not sure. I had a heck of a time getting the orange from the sunlight out, so this is closer to reality than it was right out of the camera.

33 - blue


I’ve never had blond hair like hers, so I’ve never really been able to do cool colors. Purple in my brown hair was the craziest I got.

33 - blue


She was quite the little poser!!!

33 - blue


And this kid was no poser at all! I had to drag her out of the house to photograph her blue, and it was her idea to dye hair to start with!

33 - blue

33 - blue



As you can tell, we had fun with “blue” last week. 🙂   Hope to find the time to catch up on the three missing theme weeks I have here.   But first I have to process a newborn session, so it will be a few days at least.

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  1. August 19, 2012 8:30 pm

    My silly Cori (almost 13) heard about “kool-aiding” her hair and decided to give it a try. The ends of her hair are bright red at the moment. Abbie (16) wants hers in blue, not sure she actually has the guts to do it though…we’ll see I suppose…

    • coolmama72 permalink*
      August 19, 2012 9:15 pm

      This one is my 6 year old, it’s the 9 year old that’s been all about the turquoise hair. LOL This was an actual temporary dye, I’ve heard about the Kool Aid dye, that might be fun next summer. 🙂

      • August 19, 2012 9:25 pm

        It honestly fades just as quickly. I wouldn’t think it’s any more permanent than than what you used, just more readily available to the tween set. Cori has fairly medium long brown hair, it looks pretty good. I would look like a clown. I’m sure Abbie with blue tips will look silly too,if she ever does it, we won’t know until she does though. I may be wrong and it might be incredible…. You never know. You daughter is adorable and it looks just like a mermaid.

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