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#19 – painted concrete floor {52 Projects}

August 15, 2012

52 projects
One of the reasons I’m so far behind in my blogging is my craft room renovation.   It’s been a work in progress, and there have been weeks where all of my “extra” time has been devoted to it.    Any computer time has been used for things more pressing than blogging about my projects.

My first blog post related to my craft room showed what the room looked like before.   Knowing what it looks like today is making me want to stay up for another hour to catch up on blog  posts so you can see how it’s evolved.    And I didn’t even blog about painting the walls, which is just crazy!   I meant to blog about it when I wrote the post for the shop vac wheels, as I painted that same week.  I’m not sure why I didn’t…

So I’ll start with a quick show of the new wall color – it’s River Mist by Martha Stewart.  Love this color! I painted the trim too, went from a bright white to one that’s more towards a warm white (it’s Behr Swiss Coffee).



Back to the topic at hand, the floors. Picked up a tube of concrete patch “stuff”. Used this to patch all of the holes left from the carpet nails. (Maybe ripping out the carpet should have been a post too! But that took place over the period of a couple of weeks, just ripping when I had time). Got this on clearance from Target, and only needed the whole tube. The downside of this stuff is that it’s “mushy”. I can feel where I’ve patched some of the holes, 3 months later.

craft room redo

Taped the trim, didn’t want any of that marred with concrete primer or paint! You can see where I’ve patched the holes too.

craft room redo


Picked up this cool “brush” to do all of the edging around the room. It was great, except that the pad kept coming off the holder, and reattaching would interrupt my workflow (and get my hands all messy).

craft room redo


I used Behr concrete primer and paint for this project. The concrete bonding primer was very different than I expected. It’s really super sticky. I purchased rubber boots to wear (didn’t want to ruin my own shoes), and I can still see boot prints due to the primer. The primer never fully dries. It’s meant to create a bond between the paint and the concrete. So when I did the actual painting and walked on the primer (no choice in that matter), the treads of the boots left impressions into the primer substance. It’s not terribly noticeable, but I’ll probably sand over those areas and repaint just those parts in the future.

I applied the primer, and then waited two days for it to set before I used the paint. You can’t tell, but this is the floor with the primer.

craft room redo


The paint is a water based paint, I couldn’t afford to have an oil base stinking up my house! The color is “pebbled path”. I really struggled with what color to use. I wanted a brown, but when I looked at all of the sample paint cards, the browns weren’t really right. The pebbled path is a gray, but there are brown undertones (or something like that LOL) so I get my earthy feel with it and I’m content.

Here’s the floor after it was painted. I don’t have a photo of the entire room, not sure why I didn’t take more photos of the floor before I moved on to the next thing (the dreaded quarter round).

painted floor


Now that it’s been a few months, I feel like it will last. There are parts of the floor where the paint came off after something was dropped or scraped on it in the early days. I did wait almost a week before moving furniture in, but I think the paint needed longer to cure. I’ve wet sanded a couple of spots and touched up, and you can’t even tell. So once I’m done everything else that needs to be done in there, I’ll tackle the spots that are left. I have a wheeled stool at my craft desk, and the floor doesn’t really like it so much. I think I need to scrub the wheels to make sure there’s nothing on them causing marks on the floor. I know, it’s a craft room and the floor should see some abuse, but I’d like to prevent an undue wear and tear if I can.

If it wasn’t almost 2am, I’d write another couple of posts, as I’m dying to share the bookshelf I built, the quarter round I did all by myself, the light fixtures, the paint cabinet, the shelves (oh, I hung a lot of shelves!), the craft desk, the peg board (such a great new color!), and the awesome ladder shelves I made.  Hope to post more tomorrow, if I can find the time.

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  1. scottiev permalink
    August 19, 2012 2:44 pm

    SO exciting! I love your color choices- Very fresh…can’t wait to see the finished product!

  2. coolmama72 permalink*
    August 19, 2012 7:21 pm

    Thanks Scottie! I can’t wait to blog a lot more of what’s been done. 🙂

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