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#17 – a rolling Shop Vac stand {52 Projects}

June 28, 2012

52 projects

I picked up an old Shop Vac via freecycle for my craft room renovation (plus for future projects involving a lot of dust).    The caster wheels were broken, as was the ring that held them to the vacuum.   I needed it to be mobile so I made a platform stand for it with some scrap plywood and extra wheels I had from a garment rack that I didn’t need.
First, I used my circular saw to cut the plywood to a square that would fit the Shop Vac without wiggle room. Then I drilled holes for the caster wheels.

roller board


I didn’t secure the wheels, as I wanted the stand to be easily stored. This does make it a challenge if I need the vac to move over an uneven surface. But as long as I’m paying attention, I have no issues moving it around.

roller board


Look how ancient this thing is?! I’m sure I could have easily run out and purchased an inexpensive model, but I’m all about saving stuff from landfills, and if I can use it then all the better.   (This is also a sneak peek of the craft room wall color – you’ll see more of the room later here on the blog)

craft room redo


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