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#15 – glass bowl planting {52 Projects}

June 27, 2012

52 projects

I was inspired by an blurb I saw in Better Homes & Gardens magazine for The Root-Vue Farm  and decided to create my own for my kids.  The idea is that you plant root vegetables and watch them grow through the glass.

I found an awesome glass bowl at a local thrift store for $2.50 and then I used the soil from my old garden to fill it.   I should have added pebbles at the bottom to handle extra water, but didn’t think about it.   When I try this again, I will do that.

Glass bowl radishes


I love how the soil looks in the bowl, settled into layers.

Glass bowl radishes


I planted beets and radishes, with the kids help, and just hoped it would work out. This photo was taken 3 weeks later.



A month after that photo, I discovered that caterpillars had invaded the plants, and devoured several of the plants’ leaves



I still can’t see any of the roots through the glass, so I want to try this again, taking care to plant the seeds closer to the edges and adding pebbles to the bottom. The kids really don’t care about this project but I think if the radishes and beets were visible from the glass, it would be different.  There’s algae growing against the glass, and I haven’t bothered to photograph that.   If I’m successful with the next iteration of this project, I’ll be sure to post about it.



Update on this project:    We never saw the roots.  I planted too far away from the edges to properly see them.   And when I left it out in the rain and we went on vacation, the whole thing turned soggy and just didn’t grow right after that.    Lesson learned there was to make sure there’s gravel at the bottom to prevent the sog, and let it properly dry out between waterings.        Lesson two was a bigger lesson though.   Don’t leave this outside when the weather turns cold.    Because this thin glass does not handle freezing temperatures well.   It shattered with the first real freeze.    I’d love to try this experiment again, using the lessons I learned from last year.   🙂

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