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Week 25 – it’s a guy thing

June 24, 2012

focus52BlogAs soon as I saw this prompt, I just knew what I had to capture. My 10 year old has been constantly playing his Xbox since school ended. It’s actually kinda cool, because he has a headset with a microphone, and he’s playing live with his friends online. Social video games, who knew? I love listening to some of the things they talk about. Most of the time, I don’t understand what’s going on, as it’s game related. But there are times where it becomes more “real” and they talk about what’s on their minds. I only get to hear Andrew’s end, except for the odd occasion when another child’s voice comes out of the console speakers instead of his headphones.

The light isn’t great in Andrew’s “man cave” (cracks me up that he calls it that), I’m happy that I got the shots I did in the poor light.

25 - guy thing 1


25 - guy thing 2


Had to get one of the sniper gun on screen, totally a guy thing.

25 - guy thing 3

Wish I had gotten a shot of his headphones/mike set up, but he didn’t really want me to photograph him that day.

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