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Week 23 – get down

June 10, 2012

focus52BlogI had two different ideas when it came to “getting down”.    One of them involved props, just for fun.    I probably could have done a lot more with this prompt if it had been a different week.   My oldest was promoted to middle school, so almost a full day was spent at school recognizing his achievements. 🙂    And I’m STILL painting stuff for my craft room.    I’m so far behind on blogging for my 52 Projects series because of my projects.  Ha ha ha    If I didn’t have Focus 52, then my blog posts would be even more infrequent.    I’m thankful that Jan keeps me on my toes with her prompts and deadlines (although I’m technically late with this post, but it’s still Sunday).

So I have a garden, which you may or may not know.   And it’s growing like crazy!  It’s really neat, and I was thinking that it was its own little jungle.  And with that thought, I purchased some army men from the dollar store (wishing my oldest hadn’t gotten rid of his a few months ago).    It was really hard to photograph these guys in the garden due to the wire fencing I have around it to keep the bunnies out.    Shooting through the wires was a challenge!


Love the red of the beet plant … can’t say I’ll eat beets, but I’m growing them.   The army guys like ’em!

23 - get down


A shot from above so you can see the challenge of the wire fence.  My guys are cool, aren’t they?

23 - get down


Since I was getting down, here’s the view of a green bean plant from the ground

23 - get down


Decided to let the guys have fun in the “forest” …  the seedlings from the maple trees in our yard are out of control this year!    I’ve picked 100s of them so far.   This is in the mulch bed of one of the maples, I’m tackling one mulch bed at a time when I can.   Meanwhile, they’re the right size for my army guys to blend in.

23 - get down


I think I had more fun with Natalie though … perfect light from the sunset coupled with the pretty blue of her dress.  I actually have a lot of these photos (and having the moving target in focus is a plus) but just sharing my favorite.    I’m allergic to grass, so laying down to get these was a little itchy.   Totally worth it though!

23 - get down


And just a sweet shot of my girl, making sure her lip gloss was safe while she swung.

23 - get down

School is out now … hoping to work blogging into my schedule somehow with all of the kids home and wanting to do a million things.   If you don’t see a post from me until next Sunday, well, you know why.   Until next post, enjoy life!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 11, 2012 4:49 pm

    GREAT stuff! The little army guys are cute 😀
    I have to say though, the second last one, with the awesome perspective is just perfect. Love it the best.
    Glad you got itchy for these 🙂

    • coolmama72 permalink*
      June 11, 2012 9:38 pm

      Thanks!!!! I’m really happy with the swing shot too. 🙂

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