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Week 19 – zooming in

May 14, 2012

focus52BlogWhile I love having a prompt to guide me with my weekly photos, it’s really nice to have a break to focus on something that is especially interesting to me. And last week was one of those weeks where it was up to each of us to decide what to capture.

I decided to get up close and personal with my yard. Well, the flowers and bugs to be exact. I have a neat little macro extension kit that I use with my 50mm lens, and I love to see the world up close with it.

It was this little spider that inspired me to zoom in. He was itty-bitty, not even half an inch from leg to leg. He was very preoccupied with his prey, he didn’t move at all from what he was doing.

19 - zooming in


The spider web was near my goldmound spirea plants, and they are blooming so nicely. It’s cool to see how different flowers look when you get really close.

19 - zooming in2


I planted flowers last weekend, and one of them is called “clownfish”. Strange name for flowers, I think. But they are so pretty. Had to turn the lens on them too.

19 - zooming in 6

19 - zooming in 7


My rose bush used to be in the front yard, but we recently had our front landscaped, so I transplanted my roses to the backyard. And I’m totally amazed at how well it’s doing there. I have so many more roses than usual, and the bush itself has already grown. But now I’m dealing with aphids, as you can see below.

19 - zooming in 5


But even those pesky bugs can’t keep my roses from blooming.  (But I sure wish I had more bugs that like to eat aphids in my yard!)   By the way, these are miniature roses, so this macro view is even closer than it would be with a “regular” size rose.

19 zooming in 4

19 - zooming in 8


This last one is with the macro extender taken off the lens.

19 - 50mm


I would have loved to have played with some textures with these photos.   But I’ve been busy painting and planning the craft room, so I’ve been on the computer a LOT less than usual.  Oh, well.   They’re pretty without adding any texture, right?


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