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#12 – craft room takeover {52 Projects}

April 20, 2012

52 projects

Let me start this post by saying that I wish that I had a better way to capture this room. Even a video capture would be hard to really show because of the size of the room. The third week of March brought the beginning of a big change, a BIG project that has been going on for a month, and will last probably another two. Our former guest room is becoming my craft room. I get a whole room to myself! I’m so excited!

So my 12th project was the start of the craft room takeover. I got rid of the bed, and moved almost everything to the center of the room.

Before shots are necessary to see the progress along the way.

The guest bed, dresser, cedar chest, and nightstand

It’s a mess, but here’s the craft desk against the wall. The chest in the foreground was at the foot of the bed. A wine rack stored all of my paper.  My Cricut cartridges used to be in the shoe hanger on the door, but I had moved them to a desk drawer for easier access.

craft room stuff 1

The view more to the right. You can see my craft table (acquired via freecycle, it’s an awesome table!), my new printer, the rickety desk chair.

craft room stuff 2


Here’s what it looked like on March 20th

Where the desk and wine rack used to be
Craft Room - transitionCraft Room - transition


It’s so hard to tell here, but all of this is in the middle of the room

Craft Room - transition

Craft Room - transition

I’m writing this a month after I moved that stuff … you wouldn’t believe how it looks now!    The carpet is almost all ripped out, I bought paint for the walls today, and I’ve moved so much stuff out of the room.  Everything but one shelf is off the walls, holes are patched, and I’m almost ready to paint.   I’m working on the room off and on when I can, but it’s spring and gardening time so I’m trying to balance it all.   Stay tuned for future updates, there will be more 52 Project weeks dedicated to my craft room creation.


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