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Week 14 – pastels

April 15, 2012

focus52BlogYou’ll see why this post is much later than I had wanted when I post the photos from week 15.  I had every intention of sharing these on Easter Sunday, but I couldn’t edit them on my sister’s computer as my RAW files weren’t recognized by her Photoshop. Gotta love technology, right?   Anyhow, I know I could have done what I wanted and not followed the Focus 52 prompt, but I’m funny about sticking with something.    My plan was to capture the nice pretty pastels of the Easter eggs my children colored.   But they really weren’t pastel at all, we had some nice brightly colored eggs.  🙂

But for the purpose of my theme, let’s pretend they’re pastel. 🙂 I did use some pastel colors to tint the overall photograph. 😉
Week 14 - pastels


Since I was unsatisfied with the lack of pastels there, I captured the flowers in the kitchen (the sun was setting in the background)

Week 14 - pastels


Then I ran outside before I was out of sunlight and got more flowers in the backyard. The sunlight was almost all gone by this point though, I’m lucky I got this at all.

Week 14 - pastels


I still wasn’t sure that I had gotten the pastels I wanted (you never know when you’re just looking at the LCD on the back of the camera what will REALLY work), so while on EB duty, I arranged some Cadbury mini-eggs on some pink grass, and got one last photo before the week was officially over.

Week 14 - pastels


With the warmer weather, and much to do outside, I have no idea how I will get caught up on my personal editing and all of my blogging. My poor 52 Projects series has been sorely neglected on the blog (although I’ve been QUITE busy with my projects when not taking pictures or sitting at my computer).   I’ll have to do a catch up blog day as soon as I can.

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