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#9 – garden box {52 Projects}

March 23, 2012

52 projects

I’ve been faithful with my project a week (well, some weeks I’ve done more than one) but as usual, I’m behind on my blogging.  I’m going to try to catch up today, as I’m sick and really should take it easy.   That’s always hard for me to do, the list of things I have to do and the things I want to do is always long.

My project for the week  that straddled February and March was to build my new garden box.    My garden from 2009-11 was a square foot garden that measured 12’x4′, and it was just too big for me.   It’s sad, I garden but I’m not really a fan of veggies.  In fact, I prefer the taste of supermarket veggies to the ones I grew.   But I’m sticking with it, because I think it’s good for my kids, and I hope to grow to like what I grow.     Anyhow, the old spot was between two trees, and the roots just invaded the soil to the point that it disrupted everything I tried to grow.   My carrots were a mess!

The new garden spot is shown below.  I put leaves there in the fall to help kill the grass, making it easier to dig up this spring.  You can see the compost bin in the background, so it will be easier to put garden refuse there, and when it’s time to get the “black gold” out, it’s close enough to the garden that I don’t need to use a bucket or wheelbarrow to move it.   The irony is that this location is where I wanted the garden back in 2009, but Rich vetoed the idea.   And here we are, moving there this year.
garden box

I knew I wanted another square foot garden, and decided that half the size would be perfect.   A nice 6’x4′ garden would work.   I bought the wood, and used my newly purchased Kreg Jig Jr for the first time to drill the pocket holes to build the box.

garden box

Here’s a photo of the Kreg Jig Jr, from the Kreg site (click on the photo to learn more about it).  I can’t wait to use it to build shelves for my craft room (which is why I bought it to start with).


The next step was to treat the wood with boiled linseed oil, to protect it from the elements.   I didn’t want to use pressure treated wood because I didn’t want the chemicals leaching into the soil.   The linseed oil isn’t perfect, but I feel better about it.   And it only protects the wood for a few years.   The wood from the old garden was definitely rotting where it was in contact with the soil.

garden box


Then I put the box together, in its new spot.    And that finished my project for the week.

garden box


You can see where I dug up most of the grass.     I finished removing the grass and put down a weed blocking fabric before I started moving soil.   You can see the old garden in the background.

garden box


A close up of the beautiful pocket holes

garden box

And the box a week later, about a third of the way filled with dirt from the old garden.  It’s slow going, as I have to work through the tree roots to get the dirt out.   I also added about 3 inches of compost, and that was just awesome.  I mean, that’s the most compost I’ve been able to spread on the garden, partly because the size of the garden shrunk.  But it’s also neat to know that our food scraps and yard waste made something that will help my garden grow.

Garden box

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