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#8 – birthday cards, a fort kit, and a crown {52 Projects}

March 13, 2012

52 projects

I went to Vegas last month, and right before I left, I made cards and gifts for the friends I was about to hang out with.  So I guess week 8 had multiple projects. 😉

The catalyst for the trip was my friend Narrelle’s 40th birthday.   So I HAD to make her a birthday card, as that’s what I do.   Sorry Hallmark, I haven’t bought cards in years!

40 outside

40 inside


I was also seeing my friend Katie, and since I missed her birthday the previous month, I made her a card too. 🙂

lets party

lets party inside


And then for a super-belated birthday, I made a card for my god-daughter.  Her birthday was in November, but I didn’t get a chance to complete her gift.  So she got it in person, four months later.   But you know, in a way that made it more special.  It’s nice to get gifts out of the blue, and it’s better to enjoy them without competition with other gifts (i.e. toys).  The attention span of a four year old isn’t so long, right?

bella card front

I had to make a little ballerina fairy for her.  You see, she thought that I was going to have wings, that I was her fairy godmother.  I just love that!

bella card inside

I made this big sticker out of vellum … but I didn’t check to see if it would fit on the actual card before I put stickers on it.   Too big!  But it fit perfectly on the front of the envelope, so that worked out just fine.

bella sticker

Here is her gift, a fort kit (inspired by this kit on Pinterest).   I just love giving these!   It’s a queen size sheet with seven ties sewn to it (six on the sides, one in the center).   This allows it to be hung from all sorts of things.   Then there’s bungee cords, suction cups (not so good for this though, as they don’t really hold like I had hoped), two mini clambs, a rope, a flashlight, and a personalized drawstring carrying bag that started life as a pillowcase.

fort kit

I printed this on iron-on paper, and then used my Cricut to cut the shape around the words.   I am really happy with how this turned out.

bella label

pin it


And then lastly, I made her a crown from lace, diluted Mod Podge, and gold acrylic paint.   I just had to do it, I was staying in a castle (Excalibur) and I thought it was fitting for me to give her a crown.   Isn’t it lovely?   Of course, I can’t take credit for the idea, I found it on Pinterest.

golden crown


As you can see, I brought her wings too.  This is my god-daughter, wearing her crown and wings outside of Excalibur.

Fairy Bella


And then a few quick tips I learned from making the crown.  Having a balloon to let the lace dry on sure made it look nicer.  I’ve made one of these without a balloon to help, and it just wasn’t as pretty as it could be.    I put some water and Mod-Podge in a small container, saturated the lace crown, and then let it dry on the balloon.   The balloon was great for drying the crown after the paint too.  I used two coats of gold acrylic paint.

crown balloon


And it helped to have a head model.   Ha ha ha   This is my son, who is a little younger than Bella.    But clearly his head is much larger (look at how the crown rests on his here, and hers above).

crown model pin it

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