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Week 7 – love

February 18, 2012



Of course, “love” was easy enough to capture this year. Valentine’s Day is a holiday loved by the whole family (well, my husband is resistant to giving cards, but he enjoys the treats just like the kids).


I made heart sugar cookies – these things were HUGE!   I decorated with whipped cream (from the can).   For the pink middle, I defrosted a few frozen raspberries and used the juice to color the whipped cream.  I really am trying to avoid artificial colors when I can (sure wish M&Ms had natural colors, but I conceded for the holiday by buying M&Ms and candy hearts).
7 - love

 Jack was very excited about his cookie
Valentine's Day

dividerNatalie ate every last bite …
Valentine's Day


What has two thumbs and loves dessert?

Valentine's Day


Who loves Jack?  Natalie does!

Valentine's Day


The Valentines cards and treats for my family, laid out in the kitchen while everyone was sleeping


The ornaments from last year came back out, and I made a heart garland to further embellish our tree. The kids loved it!

Valentine's Day

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  1. February 19, 2012 10:56 am

    Such nice things to do for your family!! Valentines always seems to surprise us – we are in the groove after the Christmas break, and usually have our sights set on spring break. The cookies look yummy.

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