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Week 6 – still life

February 12, 2012

focus52BlogJust a very quick share here. It’s been an incredibly busy week, and I’m in need of good sleep.

The theme was “still life” and I had a couple of ideas that didn’t really pan out (mostly involving a bottle of wine with a rooster on the label). Then yesterday, while hanging with Jack in his room, I was inspired to capture his Duplos. Mind you, he didn’t build anything in the photos below (but he sure likes what I came up with, he’s been playing with it ever since!), but I thought that the colorful big Legos would make a fun “still life” composition.

Do you love the tree with the flowers bordering it? I do. 🙂
week 6 - still life


The whole “scene” in focus

week 6 - still life


And a fun shot from a different angle of Bob the Builder in the background, sitting in Muck the bulldozer.

week 6 - still life


If you’re wondering where my 52 Projects post is for the week, well, it’s late. I’m still working on final details of last week’s project, and this week’s project didn’t get completely. I’ll have to double up on a light week, but that will be okay as I have some easy projects on my list.

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  1. February 12, 2012 10:26 am

    I love legos. Always such bright colors and they’re just plain fun.

    Thanks for linking up this week at focus52 🙂

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