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Week 4 – leading lines

February 4, 2012

focus52BlogWell, I’m a week behind in sharing my photos from last week’s Focus prompt. Not sure why I didn’t get to them last weekend, I was probably editing other photos and just didn’t open these.

I love leading lines, I think they are really neat in photography. I went with obvious ones here, only because it’s what I had time for. Jack and I stopped at this cool old bridge while we were out running errands. Eventually it will be torn down, because it costs too much to repair it. But it’s for pedestrians only, so I’m not sure where the concern is since it doesn’t have to carry the weight of vehicles. So I try to stop there every once in a while, to enjoy the beautiful views of Goose Creek from the bridge as it still stands. Jack, on the other hand, just likes dropping things down into the water.

Week 4 - leading  lines


Week 4 - leading  lines


Week 4 - leading  lines



Week 4 - leading  lines

I love his excitement in the last one. He had just dropped a fist full of pebbles into the water, and he was jumping with excitement. It’s the little things that make us happy, isn’t it?


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