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Playroom furniture from castoffs

January 28, 2012

I love getting something for nothing, no doubt about it. And when that something helps make our lives better, then it’s perfect! Here are two things I got for free that are just great!


This was out for the trash, so I grabbed it knowing that I could do something with it. It’s laminate, and I learned the hard way that it needed to be properly primed first. I painted without thinking, here’s how it looked while I was in the middle of scraping off the paint I had so carefully applied in order to prime it. Luckily, I didn’t spend anything on the paint, it’s the leftover paint from when we had our bedroom painted a few years ago.

Mudroom project

And here it is all painted, in the basement. I even painted the back piece to be a cream color, which looked better than the stark white it was before

Dec032011_0016 blog

Dec032011_0021 blog

And now in use ..
toy pantry

The play kitchen/restaurant area (love the imagination of the kids when they’re in play mode!)

toy pantry

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My neighbor listed this small entertainment unit on freecycle, and I’m so glad I saw her listing before she gave it to someone else. I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with it! My kids’ dress up clothes were out of control, and I really wanted a warddrobe/closet for them. So that’s what I did with this little unit. The hats are on top, and other accessories are in the drawer below. My daughter decorated with cute stickers that I got on sale at Jo-Anns for a mere 50 cents.

Jan102012_0042 blog

Jan102012_0043 blog

I got a great tension rod on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond for $3, but it didn’t like the weight of the costumes. It just slid down the side. So I drilled holes on both sides in the center, and used a shelf bracket (from my mudroom cabinets) to hold the rod in place.

Jan102012_0044 blog


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