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Isn’t she lovely? {Leesburg maternity photography}

January 23, 2012

g Custom Photography circle stamp

I’m so excited for this mama-to-be as she meets her second child today. I had the pleasure of photographing her maternity session three weeks ago, and we had so much fun doing it. I really love all of the great images from the session, I’d be hard pressed to select a favorite.

I bought this fabric to create a wrap for her, knowing that this color would look great on her. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out.

Baber Maternity01 blog


Isn’t she just lovely?

Baber Maternity03 blog


Creating this look was definitely a process! Her husband was in the car with their napping toddler, so I had to improvise with clamps and a chair to hold the fabric behind her. I still smile at the memory of it, happy that it worked out well.

Baber Maternity05 blog


With the solo shots done, it was time to wake little man T, and involve him and Daddy in the action.

Baber Maternity17 blog


And Daddy got to paint the belly, which was such a neat idea!

Baber Maternity31 blog


I can’t wait for an update on the new Baby T!


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