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#2 Nesting {52 Projects}

January 18, 2012

52 projects

I feel like I spent all last week nesting. I had all intentions of sewing for my project for last week, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I tackled a lot of housekeeping related projects, a little of everything. I’m not sure I even nested quite like this when I was pregnant, any of the four times! There’s nothing juicy in this week’s post, I’m not sure it’s inspiring. There’s your heads up in case you want to abandon reading this on that basis alone. Actually, I did make a “book stop”, so that might be worth checking out …

The project from the first week was my end table. And it wasn’t done by the end of the first week. I thought I was done when I wrote about it, but I was unhappy with the finish of the polycrylic. I ended up sanding again, and some of the paint came off. So there was more retouching and the more sanding. I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, literally. I used my hands and fingers to paint both paint and polycrylic onto the surface. I’m finally happy with it, and it made its way into my family room today (where it was promptly scratched by child #3). I’ll update that week 1 post with a photo of it there later. The “fingerpainting” pictures are in my week 2 post for my Focus 52 project. Anyhow, that took a lot of my project time over the first half of last week, which was a bummer.

But I also got crazy with some other stuff. My crafting room is also our guest room. This is probably where I spent most of my project hours last week, and why I consider it nesting. I refinished a dresser for my son last month, and his old dresser will be used in the guest room. I was going to get rid of the dresser that has been there for the last 9 years, but I decided that I had better plans for it.

This is the dresser in its previous location. I know I have a better “before” picture somewhere on my computer, but no time to search for it. The contents of the dresser are all over the bed, and it was quite the mess. The missing drawer was broken, so I had to fix it. No pictures of that process, but I’m very happy with the repairs I made.

Jan092012_0074 blog

The dresser contents (not all of it, but most – I ended up freecycling at least 20 frames as a result of this!)
Jan092012_0075 blog


And this is where the dresser was moving to. The bins are for the consignment sale I participate in twice a year. I sell the outgrown clothes and toys from my kids, and the money goes into our vacation account (which is slowly growing)

Jan092012_0069 blog


The dresser in its new place. But it’s empty …

Jan092012_0076 blog


My upcoming projects now fill the space. Each drawer is filled, mostly with projects (but two drawers are reserved for wrapping paper and future gifts). I pared down my consignment bins, and relocated some of the stuff in that closet to our storage room (which is a total disaster right now). I need to put the wicker chair somewhere else, but don’t know where. I have it for my photography, but have never used it.

Jan142012_0012 blog


This is where Andrew’s former dresser will go, once I get my husband to help me carry it down. It will hold guest linens for the bed and bathroom, in addition to being accessible for those visiting to use for their clothes (especially for my parents).

Jan142012_0016 blog


Another “nesting” project was fixing one of the side tables that I had in my garage for a while. I was going to refinish them, but have changed my mind. Instead, I’m bringing them to a consignment store to barter for something else. I am excited, as this is my first true bartering experience for something other than my photography. One of the tables was missing a guide for the drawer, so I wanted to fix that before bringing it to the store.

Jan132012_0028 blog

I was quite proud of my handiness here …

Jan142012_0009 blog

Jan142012_0005 blog

Sadly, the top part didn’t function quite like I wanted it to, so I ended taking it off, just leaving the bottom to guide the drawer straight back. It serves its purpose (no photos though).


My youngest is always pushing my books straight back on the bookcase. It drives me nuts!!! Not sure if you can tell, but these are pushed back at least 6″ from the front.

Jan132012_0024 blog

I decided to build a “book stop” behind them so they wouldn’t move. I had to use a 2×4 under the longer 2×4 to give it the proper height – behind the wood are shelf holders in the holes on the side, they prevent the wood from budging.

Jan132012_0025 blog

Now he can’t push the books back! (However, he does like to take the picture in the front down, and sometimes hides it from me).

Jan132012_0026 blog


I also totally rearranged the basement play area. The craft table for the kids was a MESS – my older daughter practically covered the surface with glue, it was a disaster. I cleaned it up, and moved it to a place with better light. I don’t have any current before pictures, but the after is nice. The two bins under the table are a future project – it’s all crafting stuff for my kids that needs to be sorted and properly organized on the desk and in the two drawer storage bins. I’m dreading that task, actually.

Jan142012_0018 blog

It’s in a more central place now, you can see the play area for my youngest in front of it, and the kitchen play area in the foreground.

Jan142012_0021 blog


Lastly, here’s a sneak peek for a BIG future project. This is my crafting corner, and as you can see, it’s a total mess. I plan to reorganize the pegboard (I have a bunch of great buckets that I need to figure out how to optimize the use for). I also have plans to build a great crafting table and shelf system, but that will have to wait for warmer weather so I can take over the garage again.

Jan142012_0013 blog


And that just about sums up my “nesting” week of projects last week. Not what I intended at all, but it’s just how things worked out. Hope you enjoying seeing my project week in review. 🙂

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