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Week 51 – Sweet

January 1, 2012

focus52BlogI’m behind the power curve with my blog. Shocking? No, not at all. But one of my goals for 2012 is to blog twice a week. It’s important to me, I like to share what I spend my time on. I think that’s the downside of being a SAHM, I do a lot but it doesn’t really get noticed. There’s 35 minutes left of 2011, and so I want to catch up on my Focus 52 photos. I don’t have the last week ready to go yet, but at least I can share some of the sweetness of Christmas week from our home.

Snuggles with Daddy, one of the best displays of sweetness there is.
51 - sweet


Andrew made this overdose of sugar when he was at Odyssey of the Mind. It took two days for him to eat it, and he did sort of share with some of the family. Definitely sweet.
51 - sweet 2


I was behind in baking this year, and so this was the scene at 8:45pm on Christmas Eve as we finally made sugar cookies to decorate.

51 - sweet 4


I laughed when I saw the reflection of the cookies in my Red Bull, as I was photographing them. Yep, needed that Red Bull that night. Both the cookies and my drink were sweet. šŸ™‚
51 - sweet 5


And that’s my collection of sweet. Stay tuned for “Celebrate”, hopefully tomorrow if my family is cool with me spending more time on the computer.

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