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Week 42 – {not} Harvest

October 24, 2011

focus52BlogHarvest was the theme for this past week. But I harvested my carrots last week (did you see them? They were freaky!) and my garden is a mess with nothing really ready for harvest this week. On top of that, Natalie figured out how to ride her two wheeler this week, and that sealed the deal for me – I wasn’t going in search of harvest anywhere!

She and I had tried riding her bike a couple of months ago, but it didn’t really go well. She was scared, and just couldn’t do it. The weather was nice last Monday, so I encouraged her to take out the bike. I only had to hold her seat for a couple of seconds, I let go and off she went. She just totally got it, and it was great! She hasn’t totally mastered starting off, she tries to put both her feet on the pedals at the same time, but we’re working on it. I didn’t get any photos that night, as Jordan ended up getting something embedded in her cornea, and we had to rush to an after hours visit with the optometrist. (She’s totally fine now, which is a relief). But Natalie and I spent time outside before school the next day, where I captured my princess riding her bike like a pro.

42 - {not} harvest


42 - {not} harvest 2


She’s off, heading down our street

42 - {not} harvest 3


And some fall themed photos taken while she was riding her bike …

My mums

My mums


My neighbor’s witch and cats – she cut these out of wood herself. I think she did a terrific job!

Eron's witch

And another neighbor’s little ghosts along her front path

Ellen's ghosts

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  1. October 25, 2011 4:46 pm

    Such cute shots! Inspiring on so many levels, thanks for sharing!

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