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Week 41 – Boo & Spooky Carrots

October 18, 2011

focus52Blog Okay, that’s not really the theme for this week (boo & spooky carrots). It’s a “free week” on Focus 52, which means there was no prompt. What I SHOULD have photographed was the clothes I was tagging for consignment (or at least the tags and pins – that would have been clever). I participate in a consignment sale that occurs twice a year. ( if you’re interested) This sale, I was behind the power curve in my tagging, so my priority was getting everything ready prior to drop off on Friday. I didn’t really take many pictures at all.

But I did take a break to cut “Boo!” out of shipping paper to decorate the windows in our master bedroom that face the street. The kids and I will paint the paper black, as well as hang a white sheet behind the windows. I have a strobe light that I might also use on Halloween to further illuminate the letters. I have a couple of weeks to iron it all out. But I’m happy with how this turned out so far. And the kids think it’s really neat!

41 - boo

I’ve been meaning to harvest the carrots from the garden for the past couple of weeks, but just didn’t get around to it. Andrew happily pulled them for me on Thursday. They weren’t quite what I expected, a couple of them were downright spooky looking! One looks like it has arms. Another one is just crazy, with at least four appendages. Cleaning and cutting them was a HUGE challenge, as dirt was stuck in a lot of crevices where carrot appendages joined the main carrot bodies. They’re going into lentil soup tomorrow or Wednesday though … 🙂

41 - spooky carrots 2

41 - spooky carrots

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