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Week 39 – Autumn

October 4, 2011

focus52Blog It’s still too early for the changing of leaves here. I was hoping that the leaves in New York had started though, as that would have been wonderful to capture with last week’s prompt. But their leaves haven’t changed at all (ironically, I saw many trees today that have started the color changing process).

Luckily, I was able to capture something else that’s traditionally associated with autumn – football. Now, I’m not a big football fan. I don’t watch it on tv, and I don’t tend to go to the games. But this game was special. My husband’s 20th reunion from West Point (U.S. Military Academy) was celebrated this past weekend, and the homecoming game was part of the planned events. Army played against Tulane University, and beat them good! It was a good game to watch (if you’re a Black Knights fan), despite the rainy beginning.

I walked around and took a LOT of pictures. I only had my 30mm lens, which was a bummer because a zoom would have let me get so much closer to the action. But our day started with pouring rain, and I had carried my heavy zoom the entire day before. So it was the smaller 30mm that hung out with me all day.

Here are some of the moments I captured during the game –

39 - autumn 5


39 - autumn 1


39 - autumn 6


The different cadet companies each had a mascot. I don’t know what this yellow face was called, but this picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Just that yellow face above the action on the field, with that expression, cracks me up!

39 - autumn 3


Every time Army scored a touch down, the guy cheerleaders would run across the field with Army flags, while the rest of the cheerleaders and a lot of the cadets would drop and do the number of push-ups equal to the current Army score on the board. It was a sight to see! (you can see the cheerleaders under the A flag doing pushups on the field)
39 - autumn 2


The Corps of Cadets
39 - autumn 7


I love this shot, of the reflection in one of the tubas carried by one of the members of the USMA band.
39 - autumn 4


Another company mascot – he looks pretty fierce, don’t you agree?


Final score (50 seconds to go here, but the score was unchanged in that partial minute)
39 - autumn 8


And here are two photos where I attempted to capture autumn the day before while walking around West Point’s campus

39 - autumn 9

39 - autumn 10

It will be totally fall here soon enough, with lots and lots of colors. I love to take pictures of the rich fall colors, so I’m sure you’ll see some here when it finally happens (if we can get the rain to stop!)


Other than changing leaves and football, what reminds YOU of Autumn?

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