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Week 38 – Flight

September 27, 2011

focus52Blog Last week’s prompt was “flight”. I was really hoping to get a butterfly in flight, as I haven’t photographed as many butterflies as I would have liked this year. But we had a lot of rain, and the one time I saw a great butterfly my camera was nowhere near me. (Reading the different definitions of the word did give me some Air Force flashbacks, to the different flights I had been in. But no way to capture those today where I live right now).

So instead, I have three different captures of flight to share.

A traditional view, geese in the air (these were in DC, near the White House)

38 - flight

My daughter, normally afraid of heights and new things, took an opportunity to experience a different kind of flight

38 - flight2

And my son (just a month shy of turning 10) with his own kind of flight – bags packed, ready to run away from home. Notice the teddy bear. He did have more packed, but since he never left, he’s since removed some things from the bags.

38 - flight 3

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