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Week 37 – Bokeh

September 20, 2011


Just sharing my photo for the week to get this post started, will update with more photos and rambling tomorrow.

37 - bokeh

I’ve wanted to play with shaped bokeh for awhile, so love that this prompt spurred me to do it.


Finally getting around to sharing more photos that I took last week. Like I said, I’ve wanted to play with shaped bokeh for a while.

Main Entry: bokeh
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image

Shaped bokeh is changing the shape of the brighter spots of the out of focus areas. To do this, you have to change the shape of the hole that lets in the light. I created covers for my lens with shapes cut out of the center for this project. I used three different shapes to play with, but only ended up using two.

The first one was a peace sign. I didn’t know how that would work out. It was very challenging to focus with because of the center line. But you can see the peace sign in the tree here.

peace sign bokeh

I attempted to capture something more colorful, but even using manual focus, it was hard to get my main subject in sharp focus while retaining the funky peace background. Here’s the closest I came to it.

peace sign bokeh (hard to see)


Then I used a butterfly. Love how these turned out, but you have to look pretty close at some to see the butterflies.

This is a crepe myrtle in my front yard, the bokeh is through our Bartlett pear trees.

37 - bokeh 2

And the closer crop so you can see the butterflies.
37 - bokeh 2 crop

The butterflies look more like hearts here

butterfly bokeh

And here too … but I know they’re butterflies. I dig this one because of the fence leading to the flowers, with the butterflies on the other side.

37 - bokeh 4

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