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Week 34 – Red

August 29, 2011

focus52Blog Deciding on something red was initially a challenge. I mean, there’s a LOT of red in this world. But I also wanted to focus on my kids, so I needed something red related to my kids. Last Monday, it all came together by chance.

34 - red

34 - red 3

34 - red 2

Jack wanted to try riding his bike as Natalie was trying to learn to ride hers …

Jack on his bike

He looks like a cool kid, doesn’t he?

Jack on his bike

I learned that I need to lower his seat even more (if possible) if he’s going to reach the pedal at its lowest position. 🙂

Jack on his bike

And no red here, but Natalie sporting her bike helmet

Natalie bike helmet

No luck on the bike riding front though. Jack couldn’t figure out how to pedal. Natalie was scared of falling and gave up every time she came close. She did ride for a few seconds before she realized I wasn’t holding on. And I couldn’t push them both at the same time, so I had a lot of back and forth between the two bikes. Not doing that again without a second pair of hands!

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