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Week 31 – Sunshine

August 9, 2011

focus52Blog Sunshine I can totally do. I love to photograph the sun (and if you’ve been following me, especially on Flickr or Facebook, you’ll know how much I love the sun). In fact, I’m probably doing considerable damage to my eyes with the photos I take … but part of me doesn’t care. I try to be careful, but I do look right at the sun when I’m framing the moment in my camera.

I took these photographs on Monday and it was such an interesting day. The sky in front of my house was sunny, behind my house was dark clouds. The lighting was just awesome, I loved how the sun was hitting the clouds, illuminating the edges.

You can see the boundary here, the storm cloud on the right …

sky on a stormy day

Peeking out from behind a cloud, teasing us, making us think that just maybe it wouldn’t rain … but I could hear the thunder starting

sky on a stormy day

I looked to the side of my house, and saw how the sun was hitting the crepe myrtles. I just love this time of year, when they’re in bloom. And my favorite time of day is a couple of hours before sunset, when the light hits them just so. But this was a few hours earlier than that favorite time of mine, so I had to get down real low to include the sun in this shot.

sky on a stormy day

Minutes later the downpour started … and it rained, and rained, and rained some more. We needed the rain, but it was a bit much in a short period of time, so I’m not sure how much really soaked into the ground. Once it was done, I ventured to my backyard with my camera again and caught this, the sun’s rays escaping the rain clouds.

sky on a stormy day

It started raining again, so I hurried back inside to protect my camera (and there was lightning, I really would have loved to have photographed that, but there’s no good vantage point for that from my house).

Then you’re not going to believe this, but it rained even more and even harder after that! So we’re talking HOURS later, rain coming down in sheets for well over an hour. Have I mentioned that we needed rain? I was out when that rain fell, and didn’t have my camera with me. I was so sad because there was such a beautiful rainbow and I couldn’t capture it. Even my stupid phone wouldn’t cooperate for me. As soon as I got home (and paid the babysitter), I ran out with my camera, and caught the very tail end of the rainbow.

sky on a stormy day

I wanted to get farther from that house with its cars in the driveway, but my two youngest kids were standing on the other side of the street (with the babysitter) and I didn’t want them to try to cross to get to me. I took this picture and hurried back to them. Then I turned my camera to the other direction, and caught this one of the sun, still hiding behind the gray clouds.

sky on a stormy day

It’s just a thing of beauty, something we can’t live without. I just love the sun, and the varied sunshine it brings.

I had hoped to share some very different sunshine photos with you, but I’m waiting on a model release form to be signed before I can put those photos online. So you’ll see them another day, in another post. 🙂

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