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Projects in the name of bunco …

July 17, 2011

It was my turn to host our monthly bunco this month. I saw this great blog post and just knew I had to make it for bunco.

(not my photo, not my dice – grabbed from the blog linked above)

I went out and bought the ingredients I needed to make these. Meanwhile, I wanted a cool way to display them at bunco. I bought two foam rectangles at the Dollar Tree. I was hoping they’d have squares, but they didn’t. After I got home, I realized I could make them into trios of dice, which is perfect since bunco uses three dice. First I scored the foam to make three squares.

foam dice

Then I spray painted them black (had to do two coats)
foam dice

I didn’t take photos of the next step, which was to adhere dots to turn them into dice. I cut about 70 little circles with my Cricut and used tacky glue to attach the dots.

I baked the brownies the day before bunco. My kids were dying to eat the brownies, and didn’t understand why I had to let them cool for so long. I shaped them into sorta squares, but getting the sides all even was more challenging than I thought. Here’s the view of them after they had been hanging out in the freezer, and then had the lollipop sticks “cemented” in with melted candy. My three year old snagged one when I wasn’t looking … he thought they tasted quite good.

Bunco craftiness

I used random foam to hold the pops while the candy hardened. My squares look even less like squares now. *sigh* I’m not so good at this.

Bunco craftiness

Well, somewhere in the middle of getting ready we got a torrential downpour and our basement flooded. Had to take a break from bunco prep to stop the water from getting in any further. My two oldest went outside to bail water out from the basement walkout (the water was pouring in under the sliding glass door). My younger daughter helped me soak water with more than a dozen towels. Had to run the Bissell to try to get as much water as I could out of the carpet before running back up to finish getting things ready for bunco.

Now I was short on time, guests were arriving while I was applying the dots, so I just did the tops, not all sides.

Bunco craftiness

Meanwhile, I had planned on having fruit kabobs (as they were fun to make with the kids earlier in the week). I cut the fruit into stars and squares (actually, I was doing that when the rain started) but didn’t get a chance to put it all together. One of the other women put the fruit kabobs together for me while I worked on the dice. I cut some of the watermelon into “fun size” slices to decorate the tray, and tossed blueberries and marshmallows among the slices.

Bunco craftiness

Oh, and I added letters to mark the trash cans to designate trash and recycle. My 3 year old thinks it’s so cool that there are letters on the cans.

Bunco craftiness

So now it’s bunco time, and the fruit is ready, the munchies are out, the beverages are prepared, and I thought it was time to put the brownie dice into the foam dice. I was worried because it still smelled like spray paint. But it ended up working out.

Here’s the dice on the dice before we started bunco play.

Bunco craftiness

And that is what I did in the name of bunco. Oh, and that night I had the most wins so I won money to boot. 🙂

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