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Week 23 – Down Low

June 13, 2011

focus52Blog Down low … now there’s a different prompt! I thought about using my macro converter to get some bugs or something in the garden. But every time I went to the basement, and I looked at the mess on the floor (it looks like Toys R Us vomited all over the place, it’s insane), I knew that’s what I wanted to capture. I just had to wait for the right light, as I really didn’t want to use my flash.

And as it turns out, I had a lot of fun getting down low to capture the colorful entertainment that my kids enjoy. Jack soon saw what I was doing, and he was in on the fun then too.

23 - down low

The view to the left of the giraffe

23 - down low 2

Jack wanting to play too …

Jack down low

23 - down low 3

I love how he mixed his Cars with the Little People

Jack down low

Jack really down low
Jack down low

And this was the ultimate inspiration for my choice of subject matter … the games Jack mixed up all over the floor. None of the other kids will pick it up, and I just haven’t had the time to sort everything back into their proper boxes. Just a nightmare. It’s on my list, but it’s pretty far down there … I might have to resort to bribing my kids to do it. You can’t tell how bad things are from this angle, but trust me, it’s bad. There’s at least a half dozen game boxes emptied, to include Yahtzee, Candyland, Monopoly, and Life.
the mess down low

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