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Week 22 – Blue

June 6, 2011

focus52Blog I have to confess, I’m behind in everything. Including this. I did take the photos, they’re just not ready to blog.

The prompt was “blue” and I have a few photos to choose from. The one below is a placeholder of sorts. I mean, this one COULD be the photo for the week, but I’m not committed yet. I wanted to capture Natalie in her blue dress, and the impromptu rose smelling sure makes a cute image.

I will edit this post hopefully tomorrow with more images. I have some cute ones I want to share of both Natalie and Jack, wearing blue of course. 😉

22 - blue

So just stay tuned, more to come.

Two days later, and I have more photos to share. I edited the one above a little, so I just replaced it with the new version. 🙂

I processed all of the images with an “earthy” tone … does it work?

And here are more images in my quest to capture “blue” … I just went with clothing choices more than anything though.

The sky was really really blue that day. Coupled with Natalie’s blue dress, I set out to capture both. However, I couldn’t expose for both Natalie and the sky (no reflector handy). So this version is a combination of two versions processed in ACR so that I have one exposure for Natalie and the other for the sky. I think I blended them nicely.

22 - blue2

The next day, with a different blue dress

22 - blue 2

A closer crop

Natalie posing

Enjoying a colorful popsicle … the bottom was blue so I was hopeful that I’d get a fun shot with that. But with both kids, that last bit of popsicle fell to the ground and I couldn’t get the picture. So here’s my boy in blue with his yummy popsicle before the last bit crashed.


And my girl with her blue tongue after eating her popsicle.

Blue tongue!

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  1. June 7, 2011 3:52 pm

    I can sure understand the busyness. But you are off to a good start with Natalie and her blue dress.

    All the best,


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