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Week 19 – Feminine

May 17, 2011

focus52Blog I appreciate the timing of this week’s prompt, as I did want to capture my daughter’s First Holy Communion as a project 52/Focus 52 image. I think the white dress coupled with the lace edged veil certainly qualify as feminine. While I do plan on devoting a blog post to her communion portraits, I picked two images to go with this week’s Focus 52 prompt.

I think both of her “poses” here are totally feminine, that’s why I picked these two to share here. And she did both on her own (actually, the one of her looking down, she didn’t know I was taking her photograph).

Ashburn First Communion photographer


Jordan's First Communion


I had really wanted to have a post before this, about how I made her veil … but there just hasn’t been enough hours in the day for me. It’s a good thing I’m not a professional blogger! My logo is also new, and I want to write a post about that too. *sigh* It’s after midnight, so now I need to go to bed, and blog again another day.

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