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Nature overload … welcome spring!

May 9, 2011

I’m so glad that winter is finally over. There has been crazy temperature fluctuations this spring, driving me nuts. Predictions of snow, almost 90 degree weather … in the same 10 day time period. I’ve been dying for everything to green up again, warm up, and enable me to get out there to do some fun photo sessions. But while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been photographing the appearance of spring. Most of these photos are a month old, I just hadn’t gotten a chance to blog them. I really enjoy taking the flower photographs, more than I thought I would. I don’t know if there’s a market to sell the images, as I know there’s just so much already out there. I do plan to print some of these to decorate my home, I just need to decide which ones.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do. 🙂

I had so much fun playing with textures on this photo. This is from my neighbor’s tree, such pretty blossoms.

beautiful blossoms

beautiful blossoms

How gorgeous is this plant?! My friend Amy checked it out and told me that it’s a flowering quince. Just love it. It was in a vacant lot, so I went back and took two cuttings of it to try to grow my own. Cross your fingers that it works out for me.


Apr032011_0093 copy


Added a texture to this one

I’m such a sucker for sunbursts, I’m going to go blind from all of the sunburst photos I take … but I can’t stop, I just love how it looks.

Spring Sunburst

Back at my neighbor’s tree, with more textures. Loving it!

More blossoms

More blossoms

I really love this one … used my macro converter for it, so I could get nice and close

Blossom with texture adjusted

Another neighbor had a great red tulip, so I thought this was a neat shot with my macro converter
Red tulip

Last one, a macro look at the blossoms on our Bradford Pear tree. The blossoms are long gone now, the leaves are all in. And I’m glad, as the Bradford Pear sure is stinky when in bloom.

Bradford pear tree blossoms macro

Hope you liked my overload of spring nature photos. Coming soon, a share from the photo session I did in Texas, and a tutorial on building an upholstered room divider.


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