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Clickin’ Moms very special deal!

April 9, 2011

I’m a member of the Clickin’ Moms forum … it’s a great place, and while I read more than I post, I’ve learned SO much there. Especially when it comes to the business side of photography. If I have a question about anything photography related, it’s the first place I go.

It is a paid forum, and the membership is totally worth it. I was a 6 month subscriber, so every 6 months I’d pay my membership fee. Well, I got an email this morning, and they are offering a group buy for LIFETIME memberships for 40% off. Usually, it’s $195 for a lifetime membership. Starting today until April 15th, lifetime memberships are $117. Totally worth it!!!!!!

Here’s the scoop, to buy a lifetime membership, click on the link below.

Then click the link in the Join Us Here Today image. Select “Lifetime Membership” and use coupon code GROUPBUY at checkout. That’s it, pay for your membership and you’re golden. There are special deals only available to lifetime members (I can’t wait to get in on those!) along with contests that are only open to lifetime members. But if you don’t have the $117 to spare right now, you can always get a trial one week membership for $6 to check things out. Get a feel for the group, see what’s there. And if you like it, you can upgrade to the lifetime at the group buy rate by April 15th.

My friend encouraged me to check out Clickin’ Moms 18 months ago, and I initially balked at spending the money to have access to a forum. But I decided to take a chance and signed up. I’m so glad I did. I hope you’ll try it too. If you want to get better with photography, or you want to learn more about being a photography business, Clickin’ Moms is a good place for you. (Don’t worry, if you’re a dad, you can join Clickin’ Moms too … yes, it’s a woman-centric site, but there are guys there too).

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