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A flashback to snow

April 6, 2011

Now that spring seems to have safely arrived, I think it’s safe to share snow pictures without being worried that more is to come. I really meant to blog these photos soon after I took them, but time just flew by as usual. But that means that you get to see them now, and hopefully it’s too warm for snow covered ground where you are and you can look at these and be thankful that the snow is past us. (If you still have snow, I’m sorry)

We got a lot of snow at the end of January, and I was dying to take my relatively new lens out for some snow photography. Jordan was a willing volunteer and we headed out to one of my favorite locations near sunset.

Snow & trees at twilight

Here’s my beautiful girl out in the snow
Jan292011_0026 copy

She’s waving hello here, standing in the road that I like to use for pictures
Jan292011_0022 copy

Sometimes you just have to let them strike their own pose

The barn in the snow, just so neat to see the red amidst the white snow
Willow Creek Farm

Another favorite spot for photos
Willow Creek Farm

Snow covered trees
Snow & trees at twilight

The setting sun just before we left
Snow & trees at twilight

To see the same place in warmer weather, you can check out this post from last September. Or this one from October.


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