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The “Supermoon”

March 24, 2011

Okay, so it’s almost a week later, but it’s been a busy week and I just didn’t have time to do anything with my photos. However, I made it a priority this morning, and here I am just before dinner getting this post written to share my moon photos.

On Friday, the weather was gorgeous, and the kids wanted to eat dinner out in the front yard. It was pizza night, so I spread a sheet on the driveway and we ate right there. Well, the moon started to rise as we were outside, and I ran in for my camera. I had to change lenses so it took me an extra minute to get out there. That minute mattered. I couldn’t believe how quickly the moon moved above the horizon by the time I got back outside.

This was before sunset – it actually wasn’t quite this dark out, but in order to capture the moon’s details, I used a higher aperture, which doesn’t let in as much light. Not sure why the two photos are so different, I must have liked the way the first one looked and so didn’t change the exposure like I did on the second.

Mar182011_0012 copy

The clouds started to move, and cover up the moon. Seconds later, it was covered.

Mar182011_0013 copy


I didn’t even know about it being a supermoon until that night when I saw posts about it on Facebook. So I was determined to capture it the next night, which was the actual full moon.

So here it is on the 19th, the official full Supermoon.

200mm at 100% crop (this means my camera was as zoomed in as much as it could go, and when I cropped it in editing, I cropped it at the 100% view so it’s not zoomed in with the software)

Mar192011_0006 supermoon

And this is it at 88mm at 100% crop (almost completely “unzoomed” on my camera)
Mar192011_0004 supermoon

And this is just a crop I like, I didn’t pay attention to the percentage, but given how it appears, it’s definitely less than 100% as this one was taken fully zoomed at 200mm.
Mar192011_0007 supermoon

I really love looking at the moon. I’d take pictures every month, but it really doesn’t change, does it? Had to catch it the month it was the Supermoon though. šŸ˜‰ I really want to catch it when it’s rising, and nice and huge and orange on the horizon. I just don’t live in a place where that view is optimal. Houses are always in the way. One of these days, I’ll be somewhere with my camera, ready when the moon rises, to capture it the way I hope.

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