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Signs of spring

March 24, 2011

It seems like spring is finally on its way in the door … and yet it’s COLD. There’s snow in the forecast for the weekend, which really isn’t fun at all. So while it was relatively nice, I took my camera out early this week (before all of the rain), and captured the signs of spring I see in my front yard.

First, here’s one of the causes of the pollen that’s making some of us a bit miserable.
Mar212011_0019 copy

Soon, our two Bartlett Pear trees in the front yard will be COVERED in white flowers, and the pollen will really be out of control. But right now, the buds are small, the blooms still wrapped tight inside.
Mar212011_0017 copy

And of course, another sign of spring is the happy child running in the sun. He’s still wearing his pajamas, as he didn’t want to get dressed before taking his sister to school. That’s okay, pajamas are quite comfy.

Mar212011_0036 copy


The next day, the first daffodil bloomed! By the end of the day, several more had opened up.

Mar222011_0007 copy

For kicks, I decided to play with texture on it. Kinda cool, I think. There are four different textures stacked here, as I didn’t quite get the look I wanted with just one or two.
Mar222011_0007 textures

My sweet girl wanted to smell it … and then right after that, she picked it. It was in a vase until last night (so for a little over a day) before she took the flower off the stem, and that was the end of that daffodil. 😉

Mar222011_0008 copy

There are a bunch more out there, and I hope they survive tonight’s freeze and the possible weekend snow. Tulips are also working their way out, but it looks like there’s only a small handful of those growing. I really need to plant more bulbs this fall, as I LOVE seeing the tulips in the spring.

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