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The Joy of Love – week 2

February 17, 2011

I’m doing a photo a day project, but just for the month. It’s called The Joy of Love and is led by Kelly Willette of Willette Designs.

Seven more days of The Joy of Love.

the joy of love: day eight – gift from the heart
What has your spouse (or loved one) given or promised to you (material or immaterial)? Try to capture this “gift” from their heart.

the joy of love: day eight
Rich bought me this lens for Christmas. He knew how much I wanted it, and how I was saving for it. It was seriously THE.BEST.GIFT.EVER! To me, it signifies how much he loves me, how he believes in me, and how he wants me to be happy.

the joy of love: day nine – passions and hobbies

the joy of love: day nine
Andrew on the laptop – that’s his passion. In fact, he asked me to buy him his own laptop (this one was a Christmas gift for ALL of the kids but 6 weeks later he’s done with sharing).

the joy of love: day ten – Space – where they are comfortable

the joy of love: day ten
This is MY recliner. But I’m rarely in it. My family takes it over. Jordan is in it the most. She loves to watch tv there. But the other kids are in it a lot. And they fight over it. Rich has been known to take naps in it. So while it’s MY recliner, it’s not really my space. But it’s where everyone in this house is comfortable.

the joy of love: day eleven – dreams
What does your loved one dream of accomplishing or doing?

the joy of love: day eleven
Rich buys poker books to become a better poker player. He’d play a lot more if we were closer to Vegas or Atlantic City. His dream is to be in the World Series of Poker. I’d love that too. You can tell from the spines of these books that most of them have been well read. There’s a book missing, I bet that’s in his computer bag so he can read if he ever gets downtime. I love that he has a neat dream.

the joy of love: day eleven
An easy interpretation of today’s prompt – Natalie in dreamland this morning. She didn’t wake for a good hour after I took this picture.

the joy of love: day twelve – eyes

family eyes
I went literal with this one, and took pictures of everyone’s eyes … with my macro lens converter. Andrew took the picture of my eye. I’m fascinated by eyes, I really love looking at them. And doing this was a really neat opportunity to get up close and personal with the eyes that I love best – those of my family.

rich's eye2
I love Rich’s eyes.

the joy of love: day thirteen – routines

the joy of love: day thirteen
Every Sunday, Rich reads the paper. Definitely his routine.

the joy of love: day fourteen – wedding band/jewelry

Hmmm…I didn’t do this one. It was a busy day, celebrating Valentines and all. And Rich was at work all day. And he worked after dinner. No good time to get his hand involved in a photo. Oh, well.

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