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Project 365 – December 11-17

December 31, 2010

I had hoped to be caught up by midnight … that won’t happen, but I think I’ll have all of the Project 365 blog posts done by Monday. 🙂

Day 345
December 11

This is the latest we’ve ever gotten our tree up, I think. Jordan’s certainly happy to be decorating it.

Day 346
December 12

I had just cleaned up Jack’s room, and within 5 minutes, he had left a trail of toys across the floor.

Day 347
December 13

Me Monday – I took pictures of the kids today for holiday cards. So I got one of me too. I do confess to photoshopping the dark circles under my eyes – too many late nights!

Day 348
December 14

Our Nativity set – 10 more days until Christmas Eve!

Day 349
December 15

Spelling homework … love that she’s so intent with it

Day 350
December 16

Snow!!! This snow was the first to close school early – Natalie’s enjoying it right after she got home from preschool (which didn’t close early)

Day 351
December 17

My daughter made this nativity scene in preschool, and the sun was in the right spot for this wonderful capture

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