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Project 365 – November 27 – December 3

December 29, 2010

The very last month of Project 365 ….

Day 331
November 27

Evidence that we’re home … everything deposited just inside the kitchen, ready to be put away.

Day 332
November 28

I spent a couple of hours winterizing my garden. In addition to raking the leaves, I also uprooted everything, loosened the soil, added a bunch of compost, and then put a bed of leaves on top. All ready for winter! (since then, the leaves have blown completely off the bed 😦 )


Day 333
November 29

Me Monday – I decided to photograph a very important place to me, my bed! I love my bed. I also took this as part of a thankful challenge, as I’m very thankful for my warm bed.

Day 334
November 30

Getting ready for a photo shoot – I put up the mini tree, and Jordan was all about me taking her picture (and the timing was good, the holiday photo clothes I ordered arrived in the mail today – she’s wearing her new dress)

Day 335
December 1

The kids were helping me prep for a photo session, and I was lucky enough to capture this moment – I added a cool texture to the background

Day 336
December 2

Natalie posing for me while I was working on my lighting

Day 337
December 3

Gumdrop Fred on his second day at our house

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