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Project 365 – October 30 – November 5

December 7, 2010

Finding myself a month behind on Project 365 here … definitely not doing it next year! 😉

Day 303
October 30

Daddy & Natalie at the Halloween party across the street, just love this so much!

Day 304
October 31

I wanted to do something different for my photo of the day for Halloween … I mean, I didn’t want to feature my kids even though this day is all about them having fun. Instead, I photographed the candy before it was given away. 🙂 Happy Halloween!

Day 305
November 1

Me Monday – my new wireless trigger remote arrived and it was time to play. Natalie never lets me take a self portrait, she has to get in on the action.

Day 306
November 2

I didn’t take any other pictures today, just this one of Darth Vader from Star Wars Monopoly. Andrew and two friends played the game for a while this morning … but just as I brought the camera out to capture them, they ended the game.

Day 307
November 3

Natalie and her BFF … Natalie made Ellen a card, and brought it over this afternoon. Ellen was DELIGHTED and ran over to give Natalie a hug. I’m so glad I had my camera!

Day 308
November 4

It’s a rainy and dreary day … and just about the only good thing about it is that my carrots came out of the ground SO much easier than when the ground is dry. But that really big one on the left, that one took some digging to get out! Ate them in my soup tonight, yum!

Day 309
November 5

Jack hung out with me while I was in pursuit of letters for my name art project … he was super cute, don’t you think?

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