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Last year of single digits – portraits of my young man | Ashburn child photographer

November 19, 2010

My oldest son turned nine last month … that means we’re in the last year of single digits for him. I had special permission to photograph on private property. Andrew’s friend was spending the night (timing just worked out that way) and then another friend wanted to come too. So 3 nine year old boys in a cool setting meant plenty of great photographic moments … but it also meant a bit of insanity. They discovered a BIG puddle on the gravel road, and spent about half of our time there throwing rocks into the water. They had fun, that’s for sure!

I’ve been eager to show these pictures, and they’re finally ready to share.

Andrew’s “official” portrait

Nov012010_0074 copy

He hates his freckles and therefore hated the picture. So for kicks, I’m printing a version with some freckles removed. 😉 (well, I’m printing the other one too, but will hang the freckle-less version)
Nov012010_0074 no freckles

Andrew and his buddies – I just love this photo!


Reluctantly posing (he wanted to be throwing rocks with his pals instead)
Nov012010_0027 copy

The cool kid … I think this one is interesting with how my shadow is combined with his in the background


He had fun jumping

Only one more year then we run out of fingers
Nov012010_0077 copy 2a

Collage for his room – version 1

andrew storyboard

Andrew wanted me to change the collage. He did love it, but he didn’t like the jumping picture (because of the way his shirt was). Of course, I LOVE the jumping picture so I’m getting both printed. 😉 This is the new version, created with his help before school.

andrew storyboardv2

On the way back to the car, I realized I didn’t have a shot that really shows where we were, so I got this
Nov012010_0081 copy

A sunburst I got when the boys were goofing around and not paying attention to me.

Nov012010_0039 copy

Wow, that was a lot of pictures! There are even more, but I think this post is long enough. Thanks for looking!

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