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Project 365 – October 16-22

November 1, 2010

Now that it’s November, I really need to get my act together with my October edits! I’m working on it, I really am!

Day 289
October 16

Andrew picked the wax ‘tache from the treasure box today. Then he ran up to his room and grabbed a colonial hat, a tie, and a blazer. He said he was a grown up. Too cute!

Day 290
October 17

Andrew’s Cub Scout pack had a bike rodeo so I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice my panning shots. Andrew had a good time, and did pretty well on navigating the cones.

Day 291
October 18

Me Monday … spent a couple hours dealing with a repeat mammogram. Lots of waiting, and additional images taken. Prognosis is a relief, “probably benign”. It was my baseline, so hopefully everything will be easier 6 months from now when I go again.

Day 292
October 19

My serious boy … he was just chilling out on the beanbag

Day 293
October 20

My intent was to photograph Jordan reading, since she’s been doing a lot of it. She wanted nothing to do with my camera, but Natalie really wanted me to photograph her “reading” … so I did. 🙂

Day 294
October 21

My plan was to take some photos on the creek bridge … Jack had other plans and led me on a path into the woods (I wasn’t in great shoes for such a hike, so we didn’t go too far). He loved it though, lots of fun for him!

Day 295
October 22

I’m not sure who Natalie is looking at here … but this picture sums up Natalie at the homecoming parade. She just happened to bring her backback (which has since been trashed as she got silly putty all over it, she’s so sad!), and as a result ended up with a TON of candy since she had a place to put it. Yes, she enjoyed the parade for sure!

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