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Fun Halloween costume session | Ashburn Child Photographer

October 31, 2010

I’ve been looking forward to taking my kids’ Halloween costume pictures in this location for a couple of weeks. Everything finally came together this past Thursday, the weather, all kids in a decent mood, and everyone had their costume. I packed the kids in the car, and off we went to this cool field. One downside is that there were several “critter” holes – my ankle ended up in one of them, and I’m very lucky I didn’t injure myself. After that, I was very conscious of where the kids (especially my two year old) were walking.

I took a lot of pictures, and wish I could share them all … but that would be too much I think. 🙂 So here are my very favorites from my session with my kids. 🙂

The group shot I had in my head never turned out like I wanted … but instead I have more true to life images. 🙂

Oct282010_0038 copy 2

A close up crop of the same
Oct282010_0038 copy


Spooky Andrew as a phantom (but lately he claims to be a Dementor instead – he’s reading Harry Potter these days)

Oct282010_0059 copy

My candy corn witch
Oct282010_0075 copy

Cute-as-can-be bumble bee
Oct282010_0027 copy 3

My little Superman


Oct282010_0073 copy

Andrew hated his hood, and barely had it on. I got this shot of him just before we left, it’s nice to see his face with the costume still on.
Oct282010_0096 copy

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