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Project 365 – October 9-15

October 26, 2010

I’ve decided that I’m not doing Project 365 next year for sure. Not even sure I’ll do a Project 52. I really love having these daily captures, but I’m such a Type A personality that I can’t stand missing a day. I don’t need the self imposed pressure, so I’m just going to capture my life at will next year. 😉

Day 282
October 9

When my daughter asks me to take her picture, and willingly poses by a window, I don’t say no! I love my beautiful sweet girl.

Day 283
October 10

We went apple picking – Andrew’s been asking to go for two years now. The kids had fun, but I thought that the trees were rather bare. Still, it was a good experience.

Jack really enjoyed snacking along the way.
283/365 v2

Day 284
October 11

I took the kids to a cool park 35 minutes away for something fun to do on Columbus Day. It’s Me Monday, so here I am reflected on Natalie’s bubble. 🙂

Day 285
October 12

I took the younger two kids for a quick photoshoot on a gorgeous Tuesday when the older two were in religion class. Love that I got the two of them actually looking at me.

Day 286
October 13

Jack was so awesome in his stroller while I photographed my friend. Here he is at the end of the session, smiling at Steph.

Day 287
October 14

Poor Jack has a bruised goose egg in the middle of his forehead – he fell in the bathroom last night. Here he is outside, clutching a soccer ball notebook that he even naps with.

Day 288
October 15

Andrew bought a neat Hotwheels track with his own money today. Jack loves it too, and I love this moment where Andrew is helping Jack figure out how to launch the car.

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  1. October 27, 2010 11:28 am

    I couldn’t do it Gwen, and I only have two kiddos! These are some great shots though. LOVE the one of Andrew helping Jack….what a sweet, sweet moment!

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