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Two kids and a beautiful Tuesday afternoon | Ashburn Child Photographer

October 24, 2010

I’m really behind on editing my pictures of my kids and project 365. There aren’t enough hours in the day lately, and being sick didn’t help. But I’m better now and I’m trying to catch up on my backlog. 🙂 Tthese are from the 12th. It was gorgeous out, so after I dropped my older two off at religion class, I took the younger two to the area by the barn (where I’ve been two other times – the first time is when my camera stopped working). I had Natalie wear her boots and a dress, as I had some ideas in my head. I took a bunch, and processed a few of them more than once.

Here are a few of my favorites … I’m thinking of making one into a canvas (as I have one of Jordan, and need to do them of my other kids).

I told Natalie to stop and look over her shoulder … she proceeded to SIT DOWN and look over her shoulder. Not my intention, but cute nonetheless


Happened to catch a hug and a kiss

Oct122010_0027 copy

Tried processing differently

Oct122010_0033 one day

Typical Natalie

Oct122010_0058 copy

This is one of the ones I’m thinking of canvas for

Oct122010_0069 copy 2

Different processing

Oct122010_0083 bliss

Love this one. 🙂 (You’ll see it again in my project 365, unless I change my mind about which to use for that day)


She really liked being on the big rock. This is cropped for a potential canvas.

Oct122010_0107 16x20

Just thought this was cute – she asked me to take a picture of just her boots, so that’s what I did.

Oct122010_0116 copy

On our way back to the car

Oct122010_0143 copy

Bonus nature shot – there was a pond right there, and the way the sun was reflected on the water was a shot I couldn’t pass up


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  1. October 25, 2010 8:21 pm

    What a great set – I missed these when you posted them. I love the one you titled “typical Natalie.” Too cute! That blue looks awesome with her hair too!


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